The time is now not later.

m_3995385_hdoe8qzrpbisReal time means everything is happening while you’re waiting for it to happen. Time waits for no one and the world of today doesn’t either. To be effective in PR & marketing you need to be aware of any possible chatter good or bad going on about your company. Having a glass to the wall of the online world at all times listening for anything that pertains to your company. This information could be positive and benefit you, in which you should share and react positively, reinforcing the positive opinions. Negative feedback or issues need to be resolved efficiently, quickly resolving problems and changing
negative opinions to positive ones. When interacting online being mindful of the repercussions of your actions is important as one misinterpreted message could start a storm too large to handle. While responding and being aware of what is said about your company is important it is also important to know when and where to say something. Sometimes the best thing you can do is wait and see how things pan out. They key to this is knowing the perfect timing of real time.

In order to know when the timing is perfect you need to develop a real time mindset. Many companies do not take time to react smart when acting quickly. The time spent listening into everything being said about your company can seem tedious and taxing but is worth it when you are in the conversation at the right time and place to change it. The ROI of Real-Time Marketing and PR shows us how much it is worth it. While you’re always listening in to what is being said be looking for the right opportunities to interject. Knowing how people will react and how you want them to react can help to know when to say something.

When responding to something regarding your company you need to consider what the situation is. If the media is having a frenzy over a product defect you need to react fast. It is the company’s duty to protect its name and its products. Be able to offer solution or resolution when you respond. People want answers and solutions to these kind of issues. If the public is discussing your newest product launch and its environmental impact be there to respond with an educated answer that gives your customer an answer and leaves them without a way to continue making assumptions or accusations.

To be successful with a real time mindset you must create a real time strategy. For tips on building your strategy check out this blog.

In real time conversations are happening everywhere and taking turns and developing into thoughts, opinions, and facts as time goes on. It is the duty of the company to ensure those small things being said are kept in check and don’t take away from the company’s image and brand.

Encouraging and creating conversation can be a great way to influence the market and that being said of you. By creating company blogs, interacting on forums, using social media a company can really work to influence the conversation and even start it. For more information on transforming the audience click here.

The key is to listen, prepare, and react. But do it fast, because when it comes to real time in PR & marketing the time is now not later.

Thanks for listening! Be sure to comment, like, and share! Stay stylish.

–  Brittany Philpott

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